Wednesday, August 5, 2009

in memorium: Carl George Norman, Jr. 1936-2005

Well, it's the anniversary of the death of my all-time favorite chef, my dad. He wasn't a celebrated chef, except in the local island newspaper where he ran a food column called "Good Stuff." And around our house. Every meal was simply not allowed to be done by halves - family lore revolves around everyday fare like tuna sandwiches served with garnish and flourish; and more grand adventures in "restaurants we have known."

Here's to you, George. I know a martini was more your style, but this gin and tonic with Bombay sapphire is going down well...
love you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

cook your own

It's the dry season here in Darwin and that means lots of fun things going on outside. Last night we went to a fundraiser at the Deckchair Cinema for the NT Environment Centre. They were showing the very feel-good movie about British allotment gardens, "Grow Your Own."

Since it was a fundraiser, the cinema's usual food service was displaced by locals making dishes for sale, much of which was local and some even grown by the cooks themselves. Unfortunately, the food took second place to the desire to raise funds and they sold us tickets for meals even after the good stuff was gone. We weren't late but there were heaps there before us (since it was our first time, we didn't have the inside scoop of these obvious veterans). So we missed central desert camel and Mary River barramundi ("barra" here - so if you're visiting you can slip in the local lingo). We had one plate between two of wet rice and runny lentils...but all in good fun. The movie was good and the cause worth supporting.

It was a good excuse to make popcorn when we got home...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

take me away from take away

Why do I keep trying it? Take away food, I mean. I get to feeling hungry, can't remember if there's anything at the house, don't feel like going to the store...and boom, there I am with a pile of pseudo food wondering why I've done it to myself again. Maybe it's only once a month, but my body doesn't seem to recover between episodes...

Strategy idea: cook something kind of like junk food and put it in the freezer - and remember that it's there next time the urge strikes to do the dirty deed.

Meanwhile, what am I going to do with those fish and chips swimming around in my arteries?